Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Missed u all....

Good Day To All...
I have missed you!
My parents are in the 'needy' stage of life and that means caring and more caring......such as were ours in the beginning of our lives.

I wonder what books you have been reading. I wait to hear and I am happy to share mine with you.
My last few books (clearly as needed as a daily dose of 'help!' ) have been just wonderful reads.
I decided to go full bore into the series 'The #1 Ladies Detective Agency' and I have read and enjoyed all but #7 in the series.....as I have #8 but won't jump!! It has been loads of light reading and just plain old FUN! It is not often that a reader is meant to just plain enjoy a book without great periods of sad,mad, and questioning why you are reading a book that is so depressing!!
Please try these books if you have not already....I HIGHLY recommend.
My Other Reads:
Daisy Miller and Washington Sguare by Henry James/WONDERFUL! Exciting to have such a complex heroine....and sassy too!! This from the same author who wrote the wonderful books The Golden Bowl and The Wings of the Dove.
Queen Lucia by E.F.Benson/ Just began and am trying to get into this because he wrote a series with Miss Mapp and Lucia all taking place in the most picturquse tiny town of Tilling in the English countryside.....which is where I am supposed to be liivng my life!! The cast ensemble is great company The conversation is at times gentile but often laced with plenty of bickering.
The author has written many books that I hope to read in time.
Chanel... A Woman of Her Own by Axel Madsen/ Three guesses why I picked this up again and they are all right! I just saw the movie Coco with my theatre class and was truly enthralled! What a WOMAN!! Makes you wish it was you or at least that you were one of her best friends! To think her best friends included Picasso, Churchill, the Duke of Windsor and was the inventor of the 'little black dress'.

Enough of me....I wait anxiously to hear from you and enjoy your latest reads! I call you my
'BOOKBELLES' ! I feel as though I am home again, not just back from my parents world but back with my real family, friends and YOU!
Tell your friends and lets bond together.
Discover radience in every day.....

Monday, April 13, 2009


Good Day Lovely Belles,
The day after Easter and all is well. I hope you all had a joyful, peaceful weekend.....as is how it is meant to' be.

I am happy to announce that we will all be reading 'The No#1 Ladies Detective Agency" by Alexander McCall Smith. Some of us have read it already so maybe just reread it, skip around and re- enjoy! It is a book that Laura feels she can find, Traci OKs the # of pages ( NO Great American novels), and whoever joins us should have great fun reading. The 3 library's I have checked here have them on the shelves just waiting for you to check out! I just happen to have 4 more of the series if you all get into them. Otherwise,
one of YOU will have the pleasure of choosing the next book!

Peter and I have watched 3 episodes of the new television show of the same name and LOVE it!! We look forward to each new week on HBO. It is played many times all through the week so if you can catch it....do! I know some of you cannot do the reading because of your busy schedules but I will keep you in the loop just in case you want to jump in. The joy of a Blog is just that.....you post a comment whenever you want to...a sentence or two....a paragraph, or a single thought. It all works on a Blog.
Just 'chime in' anytime! (get it?) BUT do chime in!!
This will be so much fun!! Love to all....Le Belle Karen

Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Belles begin!!

Good Morning!
Please feel free to join the lovely ladies who will all be reading together and commenting on the book as we go!! What fun!! Since life gets in the way of meeting together physically, now we can meet ANYTIME. Thank you technology! At least my lovey sister in Hawaii can be with us....reading together, yet oceans apart.
First, a couple of questions.
Have you all read any of the 'No1 Ladies Detective Agency' series? Did you see the T.V version last night on HBO? It was so well done that even Peter loved it!! All this is ti say that it would match our plan to choose fast read books for all those lovely ladies whose jobs and families and life gets in the way of heavy reading......and it is a series of titles, all st in South Africa, which also makes for such interesting views. Let me know if you have already read any or all of these.
Bless you all!